North Sea Shuttle Tanker Navion Hispania

Revised: November 5, 2003 (completed)
   November 3, 2003 (populated webpage)
   (Original posting: November 2, 2003)


Aframax shuttle tanker, built by IZAR


Approaching the Statfjord and Gullfaks Fields

Approaching the Statfjord and Gullfaks Fields


The following series of photos shows the approach, and connection to one of the Statfjord SPMs

Rescue/support vessel has taken the hawser-hose


OSV - rescue boat retrieving messenger lines


Messenger line are on the fos'cle of the OSV -- ready to shot the line


Disconnect just coming out of the water


Inside the BLS

Makeing the connect: transfer hose, using hydraulics, etc.


Navigating Bridge and Cargo Loading Equipment

Signals not all showing green The 10 signals are all showing green -- ready to pump

GreenLine: not all green (on left); all green on right -- ready to pump

DP display showing guard zones around the SPM

DP display - note the guard zones around the SPM


Looking to starboard from the port bridge wing   Looking to starboard


Starboard bridge-wing   Looking to Starboard


Navigation: center console (engine controls) and ECDIS and radars


Navigation station: ECDIS and auto-pilot controls



Evening approaches; moored shuttle tanker takes on crude from Statfjord SPM (keeping borders of tables)